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Basma Saoudi

Deutschland, Berlin



18 €/Stunde

Hi All, I'm a trained American actress who's been living and working in Germany for 20 years (that gives my age away a bit, doesn't it?). I came for love, not my career but am lucky enough to still have both. When I first came to Germany, I didn't speak German at all and made my money by teaching English. I would say my specialty is training people to feel comfortable expressing their ideas, feelings and opinions in English. My English is extremely neutral (I do a ton a voice work) so I'm also pretty good at helping people to achieve a more natural sounding accent and cadence. Whether your interested in improving your conversational skills or need help with basics is entirely up to you. I can teach in English, German and Italian.

I divide my time pretty evenly between Munich and Berlin. So besides being available on Skype, we would also be able to have a face to face in either of those two cities. I look forward to working with you!

Best, Anne

P.S. My fee is 20,- an hour.


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